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    Manhattan Employment Services Inc. 
    is always looking for healthcare professionals who are caring, compassionate and have relevant industry experience. We hire only the very best healthcare professionals and treat each patient like they’re family.

    Manhattan Employment Services Inc.
    is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against potential employees or service recipients on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, disease, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.

    Job Openings

    Health Services Manager

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Manage the delivery of healthcare services to ensure the provision of optimal patient care through the effective utilization and monitoring of healthcare resources.
    - Design and conduct focused studies to monitor outcomes of specific healthcare programs or services.
    - Ensure compliance with clinical patient care standards, regulatory requirements and established policies and procedures.
    - Develop and implement a professional clinical model to encourage staff participation in the development of healthcare services.
    - Ensure that physician orders, treatment strategies, plans of care and clinical pathways are carried out in a manner supportive of patient care.
    - Ensure that the documentation of patient care is complete and accurate in accordance with the regulatory standards and clinical practices.
    - Monitor the level of resources utilized in service delivery and determine the appropriateness of resource consumption for healthcare services.
    - Manage the execution of systems to enable medical personnel to comply with physician orders including testing, medications, sampling and testing result sharing researching health care requirements.


    - Bachelor’s Degree in business management and healthcare administration or any Bachelor in medical field
    - Ability to multi-task, and work in fast-paced high volume area.
    - Ability to communicate/articulate issues clearly and concisely.

    Clinical Coordinator

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Implement and manage clinical healthcare programs plan
    - Day-to-day management and support of a clinical team of field staff.
    - Overall coordination of services utilizing and maintaining the interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach that includes the patient and family, physicians, therapist, registered nurses and nurse case managers, social workers and psychosocial counselors.
    - Responsible for coordinating and managing care, providing assessment, evaluation, planning, care delivery, follow-up, monitoring, and continuous reassessment of care.
    - Assign new patients to field staff, coordinate day-to-day activities of health  care services including changes in level of care, prescription, or transfer.
    - Notify physicians/team members of changes in plans of care.
    - Devise and implement clinical care and healthcare service plans.
    - Design and implement weight management programs, direct the design and implement of multi-disciplinary programs to improve accessibility.


    - Bachelor’s Degree in healthcare administration.
    - Ability to multi-task, and work in fast-paced high volume area.
    - Ability to communicate/articulate issues clearly and concisely.

    Healthcare Education Manager

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Manage training of personnel and delivery of educational programs on health services issues.
    - Create and implement educational programs to train nurses, physical therapist, medical paraprofessionals.
    - Manage educational and training programs in diet, exercise, modern technologies, nutrition, emergency medical care.
    - Manage educational programs for vocational training for new nurses and physical therapists and continuing education on health services issues.
    - Identify community resources and utilize resources to implement health education programs.
    - Coordinate the development and presentation of special conferences, meetings, health promotion and other educational programs.
    - Provide input and professional guidance in developing short and long range plans for community health services.
    - Develop, direct and maintain the vision and long range plan.
    - Utilize references to conduct needs assessments, identify and set priorities for community health education and promotion.
    - Research, collect, survey and analyze data on health indicators; devise curricula, write classroom and training sessions, prepare examinations and practical tests.


    - Bachelor’s Degree in health education.
    - Ability to multi-task, and work in fast-paced high volume area.
    - Ability to communicate/articulate issues clearly and concisely.

    Care Case Management Specialist

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Plan, assist, organize, and direct case management data and collection for medical facility clients.
    - Examine existing care case management data and collection systems.
    - Assess for accuracy the effectiveness, accessibility, and possible establishment of a central record system.
    - Review the files of patients to determine demographics, common health problems or ailments and prescribed treatment plans to pinpoint health services and equipment requirements.
    - Develop and analyze care case management system, care case management operational reports and records.
    - Report findings to management and discussing recommendations to improve systems.
    - Develop appropriate care case management systems based on findings.


    - Bachelor’s Degree in healthcare administration and operation management
    - Ability to multi-task, and work in fast-paced high volume area.
    - Ability to communicate/articulate issues clearly and concisely.

    MDS Coordinator

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Coordinates and facilitates the timely and accurate completion of both RAI and Care Management process from admission to discharge in accordance to Company P&Ps, MPGs, State and Federal guidelines, and all other entities as appropriate.
    - May coordinate information systems operations and education for the clinical department.
    - Works in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team to assess the needs of the resident.
    - Works in conjunction with direction from the Regional Care Management Coordinator.
    - Coordinates and manages the daily Care Management meeting, to include review of resident care and the setting of the assessment Reference Date.
    - Enforces accurate and timely Resident assessments according to state and federal regulations.
    - Designates responsibility for completing sections of the assessment to the interdisciplinary team.
    - Completes accurate coding of the MDS with information obtained via medical record review as well as observation and interview with facility staff, resident, and family members.
    - Maintains the tracking system of MDS schedules (timeframes and due dates)
    - Maintains the frequent and accurate data entry of resident information into appropriate computerized MDS programs.
    - Coordinates care plan conferences with the interdisciplinary team, residents and families.
    - Obtain, review and maintain all State and Federal reports, making appropriate corrections timely.
    - Coordinates education related to the RAI/Care Management process for the facility.
    - Coordinates the electronic submission of required documentation to the State database and other entities (e.g. Pro-Tracking, LTCQ, etc.) per company policy and State and Federal regulations.
    - Completes required forms and documents in accordance with company policy and state and/or federal regulations.
    - Attends Interdisciplinary Team meetings and other meetings in order to gather information, communicate changes, and maintain and update records.
    - Contacts Medicare Beneficiary Hotline per company policy.
    - Continually updating knowledge base related to data entry and computer technology.  Participates in quality assurance activities.
    - Contacts Medicare Beneficiary Hotline per company policy and RCMD direction.


    - Bachelor's Degree in Medical field.
    - Completes electronic submission or required documentation to the State database and other entities per company policy.

    Healthcare Promotion Specialist

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Responsible for daily checking of the employees yearly health care record compliance.
    - To ensure the list of company’s active employees health care record is current and updated.
    - To ensure new hired employees will have a complete Health care record.
    - Ensures proper filling of the employees health records.
    - Develop monthly health related topics.
    - Responsible for distribution of the Health related topics via email, flyers, website to employees and their families and shares with the contracted Nursing Facilities.
    - Work in collaboration with the company’s Training Specialist to educate employees and families


    - Bachelor’s Degree in Medical field

    Healthcare Recruiter

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Find qualified candidates for healthcare jobs such as doctors, nurses, or other clinicians who are interested in being employed by the staffing firm and contracted out by the hour for short-term openings in a variety of locations
    - Pre-qualifies the candidate based on their education, credentials and prior experience, and assist with coordinating an interview process. It involves reviewing many resumes and phone interviews candidates who appear most qualified on paper, emailing candidates, arranging travel, typing up itineraries, posting job, checking background references and many more task related to pre-qualification
    - Helps market and sell job opportunity to healthcare professionals
    Manage a number of searches for a variety of employers, who pay you for recruiting services as a third-party, or out-sourced basis.


    - Bachelor’s Degree in Medical field

    Marketing Communication Manager

    The Marketing Communications Manager is primarily tasked with developing, executing and tracking our email marketing efforts, as well as focusing on external communications.  Core responsibilities include:

    - Email marketing (75% – 85% of role)

    -- Developing / Planning
      --- Creating annual calendar for email campaigns, including campaign time frames, a mix of “asks” and “nutritious” emails, and a testing plan
      --- Generating ideas for staffing email marketing campaigns and monthly staff newsletter sends
      --- Staying abreast of email marketing trends and industry benchmarks

    -- Executing.
      --- Writing brief, friendly and dynamic emails,
      --- Building and testing all email campaigns, including copy, hyperlinks, and email lists.
      --- Creating, conducting and analyzing annual company performance

    -- Tracking / Analytics
      --- Evaluating the success of email campaigns, closely monitoring deliverability, open rates, and conversion rates
      --- Optimizing and maximizing transaction-based emails by testing wording and calls to action
      --- Documenting lessons learned; maintaining a detailed email style guide

    - External Communications (15-25% of role)

    -- Managing inbound media inquiries, responding to reporters in a timely manner, gathering requested data and information, and coordinating with Coordinating speaking and conference opportunities for


    - Bachelor’s Degree in Business field

    Business Development Manager

    Business Development Manager Job Purpose: Builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships.

    Business Development Manager Job Duties:

    - Identifies trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors and their accomplishments.
    - Locates or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners; discovering and exploring opportunities.
    - Screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities; recommending equity investments.
    - Develops negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating partners’ needs and goals.
    - Closes new business deals by coordinating requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with business operations.
    - Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
    - Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
    - Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


    - Bachelor's Degree in Business field
    - Closing Skills, Motivation for Sales, Prospecting Skills, Sales Planning, Selling to Customer Needs, Territory Management, Market Knowledge, Presentation Skills, Energy Level, Meeting Sales Goals, Professional.

    Hiring Process For

    Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists

    Foreign Based

    Step 1

    Send your RESUME/CV with your detailed educational background.

    Please also indicate steps of how you are preparing for your licensure examination (Include seminars/training classes you have attended). 

    Step 2

    We will review your application.

    Please allow two weeks for us to review your credentials. One of our staff members will send you an email with our decision.

    3 Areas of Critical Importance:

    - Preference is given to graduates of internationally respected institutions and candidates with work experience.

    - Employment requirements necessitate that recruits speak fluent English. Ultimately, prospective staffers will need to successfully complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the TSE (Test of Spoken English), or the TOEFL IBT in order to demonstrate fluency in the English language.

    - All foreign-educated Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapists must have their education reviewed by USCIS-authorized credentialing agencies. 

    Step 3

    When you satisfy the above criteria, we will send you our company contract with your working details. We will allow you a week to make a decision before we start the hiring process.


    - File CVS-NY with CGFNS or FCCPT.

    - CGFNS/FCCPT will verify credentials by requesting documents directly from your university and licensing authority in your country.

    - Report will be issued by CGFNS/FCCPT and will be sent directly to NYSED with their recommendation.

    - NY State approves the Education and issues eligibility to schedule for NPTE.

    - The Agency can now file PT form I with NYSED.


    will sponsor qualified PTs for employment in the U.S.

    • Step 1

      File Type I (FCCPT) or Visa Screen CGFNS

    • Step 2

      CGFNS/FCCPT will verify credentials under the requirements of US Immigration Laws. [212(a)(5)(c) of INA, Title of 8, Code of Federal Regulations]

    • Step 3

      Certificate issued as soon as English exams & necessary documents completed.

    • Step 4

      Filing of the H-1B or Green Card / Permanent Residence

    • Step 1

      NYSED issues Eligibility Letter

    • Step 2

      Filing of the H-1B or Green Card / Permanent Residence

    Depending on your qualifications, RN Express Staffing Registry will either sponsor you for a green card or work visa.

    Applicants seeking employment in the United States have two options under United States immigration law: a temporary working visa (also known as an H-1B visa), and a permanent employment visa (“green card”). The requirements for obtaining each are similar, and processing times constitute the only major difference between a temporary and a permanent visa.


    Applicants who meets the professional educational and licensing requirements may qualify for a green card.

    An H-1B visa is given to individuals who hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in his/her field of potential employment. The visa is issued for an initial period of three years, but it can be extended for up to six years (or longer under certain circumstances).



    National Physical Therapy examination (Administered only in the U.S. and its territories)


    New York State Education Department - Official agency that determines eligibility for issuance of PT licenses


    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing School - accredited non-governmental agency authorized to verify foreign Physical Therapist credentials and to issue visa screen certificate for immigration purposes.


    Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy - accredited non-governmental agency authorized to verify foreign Physical Therapist credentials and to issue Type I/II certificate for immigration purposes.


    Credential Verification Service for the State of New York - special supplemental verification procedure required only in the State of New York for PT licensure.

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